Gettin X-tra Citeables

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Gettin X-tra Citeables

Post by caretaker »

Packed and repacked my pack several times and I know I'll fergit sumptin. According to what I've read I can use my smokepole or a shotgun on the Oak Ridge hunts. I am taking both. The shotgun loaded with slugs for the woods and the smokepole for the fields. Gonna work the woods in the morning and the fields in the evenings. Anybody else X-tra-Citeable. Good Luck guys and gals!!!
I`m just here for the girl`s wet teeshirt and mud wrestling contest.

M.T. Pockets

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Re: Gettin X-tra Citeables

Post by Smokyrider »

Good luck Caretaker, don't forget to take some selfies.

I'm excited, gotta finish packing after work and then I'm headed to my land, will be in my stand at first light tomorrow morning.

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